What you need to know about the Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing

We offer a range of hands-on practical training courses in Cosmetic Injectables which are industry current and provide one of the lowest student-to-trainer ratios in Australia.

But why don’t we offer the 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing?

It’s simple- we currently do not see the value of qualified Nurses investing in a 10-month+ course, to undertake only ONE unit of Cosmetic Injectables.

This means that 92% of the total course is tailored towards Dermal and Laser Treatments and not Injectables. If you’re a Nurse interested in performing multiple services, then this course may be right for you.

For all our other Nurses looking at this course and hoping it will include a whole lot of education on Cosmetic Injectables- think again. Don’t believe us? Learn more about it here.


Does the 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing include Injectables training?

This course contains 13 units covering items such as Laser Therapies, Chemical Peels, Skin Needling and Cosmeceuticals to name a few.

The unit called CDNEIP02 Evaluate and perform cosmetic injectable procedures is the ONLY unit covering the theory and practical skills associated with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants.


How much does it cost?

This course will set you back approximately $20,000. After paying for 10+ months of full-time study to become a Cosmetic Injector, to ONLY spend one unit learning how to inject, seems a little underwhelming to us!


What injecting is included?

After doing a little research we have uncovered that most providers include a total of 3 Days hands-on-practical training under this unit.

During this time, they either had to source their own models, or arrange an observation day at a neighboring clinic. Upon completion, they had completed a total of two cheek filler treatments, one lip filler and 1 area of antiwrinkle.


What other courses should I look for?

When sourcing a course, we recommend asking how many students will be included and how much hands-on injecting time you will receive.

We caution you here because a large majority of training is in groups of 10-20 students, where you may only have the chance to inject half a cheek, half a lip or one area of antiwrinkle. Low student to trainer ratio is critical for learning!

Secondly, you should ensure the theoretical component is comprehensive and included within the course. Knowledge and understanding of your facial anatomy, safety and regulations are critical to know- prior to attending any training.

Are you interested in learning more about our wide range of course options? You can learn more about our cosmetic injectable courses online now.

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