Our Courses

Infection Prevention Course

Infection Prevention

This nationally recognised course is specifically designed for those who undertake any skin penetration treatments, in their workplace. These may include tattooing, piercing and laser and is a mandatory requirement in accordance with many local councils and governments. Complete this course via 100% virtual, self-paced learning in the comfort of your home or office.

Cosmetic Injectables Courses

Cosmetic Injectables Essentials

A virtual and practical blended course that develops your facial anatomy knowledge and teaches the fundamental skills of injecting lips, cheeks and anti-wrinkle. Complete your online self-paced learning and then attend the academy for your 3-day practical training.

Cosmetic Injectables Elevate

Take the next step in your practical training with our elevated 5-day course. You will learn all components of the essentials program, as well as additional hands-on injecting time. Treat 12 clients over 5 days and graduate with over 15 hours of injecting time on your resume.

Advanced Dermal Courses

Skin Conditions & Facial Analysis

Gain a deep understanding in how skin conditions are formed, why and where they develop in the skin. Backed by science and facilitated by our experienced online Dermal Educators. Learn how to treat the four main conditions of the skin: dehydration, pigmentation, acne and ageing.

Advanced Chemical Peels

This 1-day intensive course covers the foundations of cosmeceutical science when applying chemical peels to the skin. During your practical training, you will apply a variety of formulations to target the industries most common indications: including acne, pigmentation and accelerated ageing.

Advanced Skin Needling

Specifically designed for students transitioning from a beauty therapy or nursing background into the exciting world of medi-aesthetics. Our 1-day intensive course covers the theoretical knowledge of skin needling and includes hands-on-practical training in a simulated clinic environment.

Laser Courses

Laser Safety Course

Our ED240 Laser Safety Course is one of the pre-requisites required for laser license applications with Queensland Radiation Health. 100% online, self-paced learning – meaning you can study wherever and whenever.

Laser Hair Reduction

Learn the industry’s most popular treatment with our 5-day hair removal course. Complete your theoretical learning prior to attending practical training and experience a real life, clinic simulated environment.

Laser Rejuvenation

If you are a laser hair removal technician, you may be ready to take enrol in our intermediate rejuvenation course. Complete your theoretical learning and then attend the academy for your 8-day practical training.

Laser Superficial Vascular

If you are skilled in both laser hair removal and rejuvenation, then you might be ready to take on our advanced vascular lesions course. Complete your virtual, self-paced learning and then attend the academy for your 8-day practical training.

Light Based Therapies Package

A complete combination of each of our laser courses – including pre-requisite theory of ED240 Laser Safety, HLTINF005 Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments, PLUS our practical training across Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, and Superficial Vascular Lesions.