You can now get your favourite advanced skin and laser treatments completed by qualified therapists! With the additional quality assurance of supervision by Medi-aesthetic Trainers, the Student Skills Clinic offers a range of services in a controlled environment and utilises state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

The Student Skills Clinic delivers effective cosmetic treatments that are performed to the highest professional standards in a pristine and professional clinical environment – with an affordable price tag! Quality and results-driven students perform the treatments under the direct supervision of an experienced and qualified trainer to ensure a safe and professional treatment experience for both clients and students. With the use of quality medical grade equipment and leading cosmedical skincare the Student Skills Clinic can assist you in revealing the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

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Price List

For information on pricing please download our current pricing brochure – click here.

Choose from the following treatments:

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Our advanced diamond or crystal microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure which utilises exfoliation, a vacuum suction and chemical peeling agents to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells.
The microdermabrasion treatment aids in the penetration of skin care products, encourages circulation and collagen production leaving your skin bright, fresh and renewed. This treatment can be used to treat multiple skin concerns including sun damage, dry skin, acne, blemish scars, and fine lines.
Treatment information and facts here.

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Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Laser and IPL Hair Removal are quick, effective and affordable long-term solutions for unwanted hair. Laser works by using a beam of light to pass through the skin which is then absorbed by the pigment or blood supply within the hair follicle, thus stunting the hair growth. IPL uses a range of wavelengths to emit light waves that scatter within the skin. This light is then absorbed by the pigment(melanin) in the hair.

Both of these treatments target the hair effectively and efficiently. Treatments are only effective when the hair is in its growth phase therefore multiple treatments are required for   optimum results. With our advanced technology you will need approximately 6-12 sessions to obtain lasting results. Maintenance treatments are also recommended to treat any new hair growth following your initial course of treatment.

Treatment information and facts here.

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Laser for Pigmentation, Redness and Facial Veins

Pigmentation – This medical grade laser targets pigmentation using a beam of light at a wavelength to target melanin in the skin. It effectively treats freckles and pigmentation ranging in colour from light to dark brown caused by sun damage or hormonal changes.  Treatment information and facts here..

General Redness – This medical grade laser specifically targets the blood supply in the skin to reduce flushing, blushing and general skin redness. Treatment information  and facts here..

Facial Veins – Visible blood vessels and capillaries are commonly found on the face and can be caused by genetic heritage, hormones, lifestyle and environment. This medical grade laser targets the blood supply to reduce the appearance of the superficial spider veins. To provide lasting results we perform treatments from the waist and above only. Treatment information and facts here..


Emma one of our Graduate Certificate students performing Laser Hair Reduction on a model client.
Fractional RF being demonstrated and supervised  by Fay – our TASA, Student Skills Clinic Manager.
Preparation for a microdermabrasion in the Dermal room.
Training underway with Australian Skin Clinic technicians in training.
Erin – our TASA Trainer undertaking in depth and supervised training on a model client.


How to make an appointment

To make an appointment with the Student Skills Clinic is easy! Just follow these quick steps:

  1. If you are a first time client, please  to fill in a New Client Registration Form. We will contact you to get you into the next available appointment.
  2. If you are an existing client, please contact the Student Skills Clinic on 1800 900 800 or email

Why Choose the Student Skills Academy for your next skin and laser treatment

Our mission at The Advanced Skills Academy’s Student Clinic is to provide both the client and the student with an exceptional treatment experience.

  • We have strategically combined a state of the art training facility (including medical grade equipment) with highly qualified trainers, specialists in their field and have a passion for training in the medi-aesthetic industry.
  • We have a low student-to-trainer ratio so that all students receive a high level of concentrated learning and direct supervision.
  • We have strict treatment protocols, which have been developed by some of the best Cosmetic Physicians in the world.

What to expect at the Students Skills Clinic

  • You can enjoy superior clinic level services at a fraction of the cost.
  • You will be welcomed to the Student Skills Clinic, as you would a normal clinic.
  • All treatments are carried out by skilled students who are learning at the academy, therefore continual feed back from the trainer to the student will occur during the treatment. This helps ensure the students are provided every opportunity to master their skill set.

Best results and peace of mind

  • All students performing the treatment have undertaken the prior required learning requirement for course entry.
  • At all times during the treatment a qualified trainer is present to provide direct supervision.
  • You are not treated as a number – no rushing in and out. Students and Trainers take the time to truly understand your skin, your individual needs and tailor the most appropriate treatment plan for you.
  • You can be assured you will receive the best results, as trainers and students are driven to achieve the best results for their clients as a strict requirements for student assessment criteria.