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Learning and Personal Development at TASA

Learning and Personal Development at TASA

At The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA), we are committed to providing training courses that produce the best anti-ageing and skincare professionals in the industry.

Over the years, we have developed a determination to train the best people to deliver our quality products. That passion for training has also developed into our learning and personal development philosophy.

Future Proofing

Because we are industry-based, we know what anti-ageing and skincare providers require to be successful with clients, which is essential to help encourage a loyal customer base.

We have training courses designed to take you to the next level of industry competence. This means nationally recognised training in laser and intense pulse light treatments, as well as safety and infection protection protocols.


As technology progresses, skincare treatments are becoming more sophisticated and this comes with increased scientific research about the causes of ageing and what can help or hurt your skin.

Consequently, our courses lead the way in training for the use of leading edge technology, as well as the very best practices to care for clients and keep them safe from harm by procedures or infections.

By always looking to the future, TASA leads the way providing expertise for the anti-ageing and skincare industry. We train people who are ready for the future, in more ways than one.

Forward Progress

As well as providing nationally recognised training in anti-ageing and skincare, we also excel at training future trainers, managers and other professionals in the industry.

We deliver training courses that take highly skilled professionals to the next level when they are ready to step up.

We believe in our people completely, in their technical competence and their potential to go as far in the industry as they want.

Our personal development programme incorporates management and leadership courses that deliver highly transferable skills. These can be extremely valuable should you choose to leave the industry and become a leader in another field.

At TASA we believe that continuous personal development is more than worth the investment. We believe in excellence, and encourage it in all our courses, at whatever level

We are lucky to have students who change careers for various reasons, and those who are new to the industry who feel they have something to offer. Our courses cater for all levels of your experience and skills.

Take the Next Step

To find out about the training courses at TASA, call 1800 900 800. We’re waiting to hear from you!