Laser Hair Removal as a Career

Laser Hair Removal as a Career

Here at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA), we provide training for many careers in skincare and anti-ageing.

With most Australians living on the coast, we love our beach culture – and this comes with a high demand for quality laser hair removal.

Also, thanks to our harsh climate and strong UV radiation, many Australians recognise the importance of looking after their skin so careers in the skincare industry are becoming more sought-after.

While laser hair removal was a specialist technique a few years ago, often making it prohibitively expensive, today it is becoming more widely offered.

If you think the technique might be for you, TASA has the best laser hair training courses to help you become proficient.

Growing Trend

With quality, affordable laser hair removal in such high demand as more people, both men and women, see and feel the benefit of this type of treatment the wages of trained therapists are rising.

A skilled laser therapist can expect to earn a decent living, and if you love doing it, you can make it your career.

At TASA, we cover all bases, from practical to theoretical.

We believe that by understanding the science and laser best practices TASA graduates will be well equipped to take the next step.

We offer accredited and industry recognised training courses in skincare and laser treatment.

The courses are relative to what level you want to enter the skincare industry. With our help, you will be ready to hit the ground running, whichever option you choose.

Far-Reaching Recognition

As with everything we do, TASA’s laser hair training courses are at the leading edge of the anti-ageing and skincare industry, and as such we offer nationally and internationally recognised qualifications.

We offer the qualification of a Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Hair Reduction, as well as equivalent level certificates in laser safety protocol and hair reduction procedures.

Nationally recognised qualifications such as these are invaluable if you were to look for work in the industry overseas.

Laser technology is also used to lessen the appearance of a number of skin blemishes, such as broken veins.

Learning to use laser equipment expertly may lead you into a career path that specialises in this kind of work, as well as hair removal and reduction.

Laser is just one of the ways TASA is at the cutting edge of beauty therapy training, and you could be a part of our progression as well as your own.


If we’ve whetted your appetite for laser hair training courses or any other career path in the anti-ageing and skincare industry, please call 1800 900 800

to discuss your career options.