Is laser therapy safe? – Laser Safety Courses

Laser Safety Courses

Is laser therapy safe? – Laser Safety Courses

Within the beauty and medi-aesthetic industry clinics/salons are keen to offer clients the latest technology, including laser treatments for hair reduction and facial rejuvenation. Most clients are uncertain about how the treatment works, and while they might be interested in making use of this therapy, they will want your assurance that laser therapy is completely safe. As a laser or IPL operator, you can tell them that you have taken laser safety courses and that these have taught you how to safely operate these machines.

What is laser safety?

In Queensland, anyone operating a laser or IPL machine needs to have passed a course which teaches the protocols and practices of laser therapy safety. This course will focus on the correct handling and management of laser and Intense Pulsed Light. Laser safety means being able to operate these machines correctly, understanding the risks involved and how light reacts with the skin’s tissue. Managing the risks of this treatment is an important part of any laser safety course.

Taking a course in laser safety

Learning the basics in laser safety can help you to become the best laser technician possible and develop a new skill that will help you to take the next step in your career. These courses will help you to understand what risk assessments you must carry out before working on the client, and how you can keep both yourself and your client safe during treatment. They include:

  • Safe use of laser therapy and IPL machines
  • Identification of risks in the workplace, and actions to reduce that risk
  • Application of laser therapy in a beauty/medical setting
  • Legislation regarding the use of laser treatments in Queensland
  • Hazards and safety protocols while using laser

Gaining the knowledge to handle a laser safely can improve your confidence, and allow you to become a master laser technician.

Ensuring safety

As with many things in life, laser therapy has a calculated risk. As the technician offering this treatment to your clients, you need to be able to understand exactly what those risks are, and explain them to your customers. By being trained to handle these machines when taking laser safety courses, you will have the knowledge needed to give your clients a positive experience, so that they return for other laser treatment in the future. You can reassure your client that laser therapy is completely safe when handled in a responsible manner by a trained and licensed professional.

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