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Do I Need To Be Accredited To Offer Laser Therapy?

Do I Need To Be Accredited To Offer Laser Therapy?

Laser treatments and therapies are becoming a staple in beauty treatments across the globe today.

Beauty therapists are offering the treatments due to the little time it takes to achieve amazing results and the longer ­lasting effects, are like none we have seen before this treatment became widely available.

First things first though, as a professional beauty therapist you may ask, do you need to be accredited to offer laser therapy?

The simple answer is, yes. So how do you go about obtaining the correct accreditation?

Why do I need to be accredited?

Laser therapy is a treatment that you can offer to your clients once you have been accredited due to the dangers of using laser equipment directly onto the skin of your clients.

Lasers produce a lot of heat within the skin, and we need them to do this in order to achieve the results your clients are looking for.

If used incorrectly, your client c

ould be injured and you and your business will feel the negative impact of that, which could potentially be extreme if the client decides to take action against you.

Taking the risk is just not worth it for you or for your clients.

Like any other therapy or treatment, as a professional, you need to know how to safely use the equipment and how to minimise risks of danger in the workplace.

Without accreditation, you will not receive the license you require to operate medical grade equipment nor the insurance you need to operate legally as a laser treatment therapist.

Where do I become accredited?

As a therapist, no matter your training background, moving into laser hair reduction and other laser treatments can be exciting – yet you may feel daunted by the idea of more training in such an advanced therapy.

If you have a passion for beauty therapy and you’re asking yourself do I need to be accredited to offer laser therapy, then combine these to motivate you to get the certification you require.

Further education can only improve your career, and a new skill is advantageous in the ever-changing market of beauty therapies.

To become accredited, you must complete the courses needed such as the laser therapy courses we offer here at the Advanced Skills Academy.

Our courses are designed to ensure your career and personal development in laser treatments meets the international standards and can ensure you know the safety aspects as well as the methodical and scientific facts before you operate in the market of laser therapies.

With years of perfecting our course work and tutorials, we have developed a fun and inspiring environment for our beauticians and beauty therapists to learn together in an enjoyable and easy manner.

Complete the following courses to guarantee your success and trusted establishment in laser therapies in Australia:

  • Accredited/Nationally Recognised SIBBHRS705A­Apply Intense Pulsed & Laser Safety Protocol
  • Accredited / Nationally Recognised SIB70110 – Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Hair Removal

So no longer do you need to ask the question, do I need to be accredited to offer laser therapy?

You know the answer and the reason why and we can promise you that you are in safe hands.

Take a look at our web page to discover the many courses we can offer to develop your career and personal development in Australia.

No matter what you are looking for, we can provide you with the education, certification and tools you need to make the most of your future in beauty therapies and treatments, safely and legally.

To take your first step in laser training or any other of the great opportunities in our industry, visit our website to contact us or give us a call on 1800 900 800.