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Laser Hair Removal as a Career

Laser Hair Removal as a Career

Here at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA), we provide training for many careers in skincare and anti-ageing.

With most Australians living on the coast, we love our beach culture – and this comes with a high demand for quality laser hair removal.

Also, thanks to our harsh climate and strong UV radiation, many Australians recognise the importance of looking after their skin so careers in the skincare industry are becoming more sought-after.

While laser hair removal was a specialist technique a few years ago, often making it prohibitively expensive, today it is becoming more widely offered.

If you think the technique might be for you, TASA has the best laser hair training courses to help you become proficient.

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Laser & Intese Pulsed Light

Industry Certified Courses Cosmetic Light-Based Therapies (Laser) for Hair Reduction, Rejuvenation & Vascular Lesions

Industry Certified Courses Cosmetic Light-Based Therapies (Laser) for Hair Reduction, Rejuvenation & Vascular Lesions

As a leading provider of training and personal development in the anti-ageing and skincare industry, we at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA) are proud to be pioneers in the training of skilled laser treatment professionals.

We provide a number of advanced laser courses to help our graduates become experts in the field of laser technology, and gain the recognition needed to take their skills into the future. As laser skincare treatments become more popular, these skills are becoming more valuable.

Subtle Changes

Intense pulsed light and laser technologies are in great demand in our industry. In the right hands, they can produce results that are precise and long lasting. They can be used to help reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation, acne and even profuse sweating. Laser has the ability of offering subtle effects, which many clients appreciate because they are not immediately obvious.

Because properly used laser treatments can be targeted very precisely, they are useful in a number of ways. One of the most popular is hair reduction, with much longer lasting results than shaving or waxing. These treatments were either temporary at best and painful at worst, even in the most experienced and sympathetic hands.

Laser treatments can be used to help treat tiny, broken veins on cheeks, which may have a cumulative effect as the laser can target individual vessels through the top layer of skin.

Capable Hands

The key to safe and effective use of laser treatment is the skill level of the skincare professional using the equipment. Lasers are very powerful machines, which need expert handling to the very highest standards.

At TASA, we provide 3 non- accredited Cosmetic Light-Based Therapy courses (Laser) for Hair Reduction, Rejuvenation & Vascular Lesions plus the Nationally Accredited course SIB70110 – Graduate Certificate in IPL and Laser Hair Reduction.

We also provide 2 other Nationally Accredited courses being the SIBBHR705A Apply Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Safety Protocols and the HLTINF005 – Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments. These are our most easily transferable qualifications, enabling you to find work in skincare clinics across Australia.

We will shortly be launching 2 more industry courses, a Cosmetic Injectable course plus a course in Salon Management, keep an eye on our social media and our web site for more information.

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