Become Nationally Accredited with Australian-recognised courses

laser therapy and laser hair removal training

Become Nationally Accredited with Australian-recognised courses

Investing in your work skills training is one of the wisest decisions you can make.

This is true in any field but the anti-ageing and beauty industry is particularly competitive.

New treatments and techniques are constantly in demand so it is important for any beauty therapist/technician to be acquainted with them.

Skin clinics are constantly looking for qualified professionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level.

Enrol in Laser Therapy Courses

Laser therapy has turned the beauty industry upside down.

This technology has helped revolutionise skincare and many clients have been more than satisfied with the results.

Laser can be used to remove unwanted hair, help rejuvenate the appearance of skin and be used to treat a large array of skin concerns.

Unfortunately, most beauty courses only cover the basics of laser therapy.

Many students are left feeling disappointed because they did not have the chance to do any proper laser training. Learning the theory behind it is important but experience is more effective.

If you wish to be employed as a laser technician, you need to find a well-constructed course.

Laser therapy courses must allow you the opportunity to work with real, live clients.

The course must be 80% practical to ensure you know how to handle a real-life situation and properly assess your client’s needs.

Do not worry, you will be under the watch of qualified instructors that will be there to guide you and step in if you have any problems.

Your course should allow you to become fully licensed upon completion.

Reputable clinics such as Australian Skin Clinics have a close relationship with The Advanced Skills Academy and they are always looking to employ the best emerging talent, take this into account when choosing your course and you could have a job waiting for you when you finish your training.

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