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Choosing the Right Course for Your Goals

Choosing the Right Course for Your Goals

Skin, Laser and Injectable courses are becoming increasingly popular amongst beauty therapist, registered Nurses and even Doctors!

Taking the next step in your aesthetic career can help keep your qualifications on trend and moving with the ever-changing beauty timeline.

Setting goals

When considering investing in your education, it is super important to set realistic, time capped and achievable goals.

This exercise will help you narrow down your selections as you scale the internet for the perfect course to fit your needs!

What is important to you, may not be important to the next student- but what we do know is that students who set goals, often end up achieving and exceeding them!

3 Tips for course selection

  • It is always important to look at the company that is providing the course and any ongoing partnerships they may have in their tool belt. At TASA we are the exclusive training provider for Australian Skin Clinics. This is an added benefit for many of our students as it can lead to opening doors for employment and on-going training.
  • Review the course content to ensure it aligns with your goals. Every course provider should be able to demonstrate the learning outcomes and core competencies that form part of their learning. Even with short non-accredited courses!
  • Review the pre-requisites to ensure you meet the minimum standards of that course and identify any pre-learning needed before enrolling.


The three main categories of enrollment that we see across the industry is either:

  1. Beauty Therapists
  2. Registered Nurses
  3. Doctors

Most Beauty Therapists enroll into advanced skin courses, such as skin-needling, chemical peels and laser hair removal.

If you are fresh out of beauty school or returning to the industry and wanting to update your knowledge these are the best focus points to start with.

Within the beauty industry, light based therapies and advanced skin treatments form part of our everyday practice.

Therefore, having them in your tool belt will increase your chances of employment or take your own business’s treatment offerings to the next level!

We see Registered Nurses investing in their aesthetic careers by enrolling in courses such as Cosmetic Injectables and Facial Anatomy.

Many Nurses undertake this training post-graduation or as a new direction within their Nursing career.

Cosmetic Injectable is a fast-moving category within the beauty industry and something we see many clients investing in every day.

A fundamental course in Cosmetic Injectables can provide you with a taste test of what the rest of your cosmetic career may look like! 

Similarly, to Registered Nurses are Doctors looking for an added skill set or a change to their general or specialised training.

This skillset can be performed easily within your general fields and enables another tool in their kit and additional revenue for your business!

Take the leap

If you’ve scaled the internet at all hours of the morning and night, I’m sure you’re getting closer to finding that perfect course match!

Don’t let the worry of more education scare you.

Taking the approach that life-long learning has incredible benefits, not only your professional successes but also your personal fulfilment and joy.

If you’d like more information on any of the courses discussed in this article, visit The Advanced Skills Academy or call us on 1800 900 800.

Already know exactly which course is for you? You can enrol directly online here.

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On the Gold Coast, and throughout Australia, employers in the beauty industry are demanding a higher calibre of employees and so being accredited is a must if you want to get in on the higher paid therapies.

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How Do I Enrol at TASA?

How Do I Enrol at TASA?

Here at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA), we provide training for one of the fastest growing elements of the skincare industry.

We have state of the art facilities and a wealth of expertise in everything from laser training to health and safety protocols.

If you are ready to take the first step to a great career in medi­-aesthetics, simply get in touch with us and we will assist you in choosing the right course for you.

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